Getting the marks back

Getting back the marks can really increase one’s heartbeat. Teenagical proven. Especially by me. 

          Sometimes, these situations are really stressful that all you want to do is burn the room that contains all these answers and question papers. But it is okay, these are just phases of our school life. You never know, but you might find it funny when you grow up and tell everyone about how much you fussed about your marks. 

        At times, it might feel like the whole sky has fallen on us when we get very less marks( maybe not that serious but you get the idea). I know the expectations of my parents and teachers. I just cant help but feel lost and hopeless when I realize that I didn’t fulfill them. But today, I also realized that many think and feel just like me. 

        But it is okay. We feel like this because of one thing, our own inferiority complex.

We just keep thinking I can’t do it, I will fail, I will lose. But it is at these crucial moments you must give support and hope to yourself even if none does.

One of these crucial moments for a teenager is getting back the marks, trust me. You need to think you can do it. You will do it. Just don’t think of the past but the future.

“What starts here changes the world.”

Unless and until you believe in yourself, you can’t do it. You wouldn’t have done it not because it was hard, tough or difficult, but you didn’t believe in yourself. Our struggles in this world are similar and the lessons to overcome those struggles and to move forward—changing ourselves and the world around us—will apply equally to all. 

                Sometimes, your hard work may not pay right off. But don’t ever give up. You should never. Try studying with more confidence and plan your study timetable. Know where you are weak. Try to improve in that area. I did and I have improved. Also, you will really like the response you got when you get good marks that you will continue to keep it up.  

               Nothing is too late. If not in this exam, you can do it in the next one. All you need is the spark. And you can find that spark only in what you like and inspire.

There is always enough time for us. Just know how to use it. You can always achieve what you want if you really want it.  There is still tomorrow.

 Nivashini Muthuvel