Be Brave

“Teenagers are always brave and reckless.” 

How many times have you heard this sentence? I mean, we, teenagers, face this sentence almost everyday. That we are irresponsible, reckless, careless and stuff.

But in reality, we are surrounded by a lot of insecurities. We are so vulnerable and insecure inside. And this post isn’t what how vulnerable and weak we are on the inside. But this post is about how to be brave and strong even though there is nothing but chaos outside. 

There will be a lot of moments where you think you can’t do this or that. Where you might think you are going to fail. And this is the moment where you are supposed to say, ‘I can do it’,no matter how bizarre the situation may seem. Just think you can do it. 

Remember, that the world is full of fools, like you and me, and what they say about you doesn’t matter at all. You do whatever you want. You be brave and confidant and stand up against the things that bring you down. 

Remember, nothing was ever done without the thought “I can do it”. Just thinking,’I can do it’, brings in a ton of confidence and the courage, and sometimes, the real ability to do it. There is nothing in the world stopping you but you. You have to encourage yourself everyday and keep saying, ‘I can do it’ so that one day you can say, “I have done it.” 

Be brave and strong. Be confidant, no matter what. Because life isn’t really as bad as you think it to be. You just need a dash of courage and confidence to overlook the illusion of your fears and obstacles and look into the reality. 

With regards,

Nivashini Muthuvel 


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