No one’s teenage life is a walk in the park

Well, I used to say I know my class. I still do. But did I understand them? I doubt it.

A person I knew once complemented my blog and said I believe my teenage life is special. I got frustrated (well, way more than frustrated). I wrote back(kinda of like shouting) saying how hard and tough my life is and that it doesn’t look easy to me in any angle. He wrote back,
‘I never told that your life is easy, I used the word special. No one’s teenage life is a walk in the park. Nobody says I have a peaceful life.’

I used to think I have lot of problems that can’t be shared with others and others can’t understand them too. But recently, I realized,like me, many others are there laughing with a face full of happiness yet eyes full of sadness. The thing is they had their problems and I had mine but we didn’t know each other’s. Until recently. I was overwhelmed by the way my classmates/friends shared their problems with me and I didn’t pity them at all. I have talked with my friends so many times yet I never knew their troubles and never told mine. And suddenly out of nowhere, I started sharing some of mine, more like touching the surface of mine, like seeing a reflection on the water but not into it. So did some of my classmates.

And after doing this, I felt very bad. I though they are going to pity me and I am going to do the same. And that the conversation was totally unnecessary and idiotic.

But the next day, when I talked again with them, I realized sharing our troubles and problems not only makes us feel like our burden is reduced in half though it is the same as before, it gives us a feeling that we are not alone and that someone we see everyday in class might be facing the same in their house right now.

We won’t feel afraid anymore. Or that we are the only brave and strong ones in this fight of ours. We will be a bit more cheerful with the fact that maybe this too is a phrase like our teenage-hood, childhood, etc.

Most importantly, we will realize that standing alone isn’t the solution always. Maybe standing together sometimes brings the solution.

You know they say, I would rather walk in the dark with my friend than walk in the light alone.

Nivashini Muthuvel


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